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January 4, 2019 – Friday

Trump Suggests Government Shutdown Could Last for ‘Months or Even Years’

WASHINGTON — President Trump threatened on Friday to keep the federal government partly closed for “months or even years” if he did not get $5.6 billion for his wall at the southern border, and he warned that he was considering declaring a national emergency to build it without congressional approval.

The Story of the American Arrested for Espionage in Russia Keeps Getting Stranger

Unusually for a foreigner, he had an account on Vkontakte, the Russian version of Facebook. Even more unusually, most of his contacts on the site were what the New York Times describes as “men with some sort of connection to academies run by the Russian Navy, the Defense Ministry or the Civil Aviation Authority.”

In addition to the U.S., Whelan had passports from Britain, Canada, and Ireland. Apparently, he had an ongoing competition with his sister to see who could collect the most.

Sears deadline expires: Will Eddie Lampert’s last-minute offer avoid liquidation?

A crucial deadline in the Sears bankruptcy came and went Friday as the retailer’s future hangs in the balance, casting further doubt about the company’s ability to survive and placing about 50,000 workers at risk of losing their jobs.

Amazon says 100 million Alexa devices have been sold

Britney Spears announces “indefinite work hiatus,” canceling new Vegas show, due to father’s health

Britney Spears has canceled her new Las Vegas residency and will be on an indefinite work hiatus “to devote all of her time to her family and their efforts to care for her father during his recovery,” the pop star announced Friday.

Photos show Chinese lunar rover making tracks on the far side of the moon as it starts its historic exploration mission

New photos from China’s space agency show its lunar rover leaving tracks on the far side of the moon, at the start of a historic exploration mission.

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January 3, 2019 – Thursday

Russia indicts American Paul Whelan on spying charges

American Paul Whelan, detained in Moscow last week, was indicted on espionage charges, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported Thursday.

China says it is restarting trade talks with the US

China has set a date for a new round of talks with the United States aimed at ending a trade war that is spooking global markets and hurting businesses.

Dow falls 660 points after iPhone sales slip

Stocks tumbled Thursday on Wall Street, with technology companies suffering their worst loss in seven years, after Apple reported that iPhone sales are slipping in China.

Kevin Hart ‘evaluating’ return as Oscars host after Ellen calls Academy

Kevin Hart says he is still thinking about hosting the 2019 Oscars after fellow comedian Ellen DeGeneres told him she reached out to the Academy of Motion Pictures on his behalf and they said they still wanted him for the job.

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